motorcycle LED strips on power wheelchair

Motorcycle LED Strips for PWC Lighting

It’s not a new idea to use motorcycle lights and LED strips for power wheelchair lighting, but I was really happy with this one I did recently and wanted to show it here. These LED strips can be used alone or in conjunction with headlights and taillights.

Here’s some pictures with the room lights on, still very visible.

And some pictures with the room lights off. Even without actual headlights, much of the room is illuminated.

For reference below is a picture of the components I used including the 12V battery (2000mAh NiMH), LED strips, drivers, keychain controllers, and motorcycle lights switch. In this setup I configured the lights once using the keychain controllers, and then the motorcycle light switch is used to turn the lights on and off as desired. The light settings are maintained. Alternately the user could use the controllers directly to turn the lights on and off and no other switch needs to be installed.


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